Strange error while starting direct run

While I try to run a directrun from one of my project I get this error:

$ agola --token $AGOLA_USER_TOKEN -u $AGOLA_GATEWAY directrun start                                                                    
2021-02-03T12:20:37.460+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:204    created temporary index: .git/gitsave-index-ff0601c5-b90d-47a8-804d-f3ced20c8eac
2021-02-03T12:20:37.477+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:215    updating files already in the index
2021-02-03T12:20:37.517+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:221    adding untracked files
2021-02-03T12:20:37.525+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:234    writing tree file
2021-02-03T12:20:37.529+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:239    tree: e702cd7289242c8afeffbe8afd5a688e9e7e1498
2021-02-03T12:20:37.529+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:241    committing tree
2021-02-03T12:20:37.531+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:246    commit: c9e8a2f5f824548f634d084593cabe7283904175
2021-02-03T12:20:37.531+0100    INFO    git-save/save.go:248    updating ref
2021-02-03T12:20:37.533+0100    INFO    cmd/directrunstart.go:185       pushing branch
2021-02-03T12:20:40.511+0100    FATAL   cmd/directrunstart.go:41        err: error: RPC failed; HTTP 413 curl 22 The requested URL returned error: 413
send-pack: unexpected disconnect while reading sideband packet
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly
Everything up-to-date

I already runned some directrun of this project without problems.
I’m even able to run this without problem on another instance of agola.
The server side do not log anything.

Someone has some hints?