Real opensource only or opensource with an enterprise counterpart?


I was interested in seeing this project, but I would like to understand whether this is backed by the community (for instance, does someone from the community have PR privileges on Github?), if there is an intention to involve a more ample community of people or if the project is lead in an inner circle belonging to a commercial organization.
Every option is legit, but I want to understand whether I’m gonna use a product where every day someone removes a feature from the “community” version.
For instance, there isn’t a commercial license for Kubernetes (there can be Kubernetes as a service in the cloud), but if we speak about Nomad there is a community version and there is an enterprise.

On which side is your product standing: real-opensource, with the aim of building a wider community, not only committers, but people with decision-making power?

Agola is full and real open source, no commercial versions or parts available only when paying a subscription. Of course most valuable contributors could become maintainers and have more decision making power. So feel free to contribute. Thanks.

We (as sorint.lab) can also offer paid support if needed or to sponsor new features.