Is there a REST API available for agola?

Hi there,

Is there a REST API available to interact with agola and write scripts to query build states etc? Couldn’t find it in the doc.



@patcito Yes, Agola has a REST API and it’s the unique way to talk with it (it’s used by the cli and the web ui). It’s exposed by the gateway component. Since agola is quite young the API cannot be considered stable (it’s marked as v1alpha) and it’s not yet documented. You can take a look at it in the source code (there’s a client package that is used by the agola cli).

Also all the other components (configstore, runservice) expose their REST api but they shoud not be used by external clients and must not be exposed since they’re not protected. It’s the gateway that does all the authentication and authorization.

The API is also the way to create agola “extensions” (more to come in the future, like custom schedulers, automatic run retrigger etc…).

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