Is agola multi-tenant?


I have a gitea site used by several independent users and I would like to offer ci/cd to them using agola. Can I share the same agola instance with all my users or will they have access to everyone’s private gitea ci/cd results?



Sure, each one with it’s own project that related to the repo on gitea.

And I’m considering about common project situation, how to share a project to a group of users in agola:

1.each gitea user have private or both team repo in gitea.

2.the build project related to the repo should under each gitea user in agola.

Anyhow the project is public(in default) that can be view by other user. Whether it can be execute by others?

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1.public project, list can be view.

2.exec build not permited.

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Is it possible to make the view private?

Just reporting that I was able to test it locally and I can confirm that it is possible to make each project completely private. Thanks!

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@patcito As you already noticed we have an initial system to make orgs/users and project groups/projects private. We are already working on adding Teams and RBAC control:

We also have to work on the ui to better expose some functionalities currently only exposed in the cli (like adding users to orgs with optional invitation):