I'm lost in the documentation


I’m new to Agola and the docs got me confused.

The first page have 5 lines, the second page a sample config and the third it shows how to start the instance with the CLI. The problem is… where does the CLI come from? I tried to use go get agola.io/agola but it didn’t work.

I asked for help to a friend that knew docker and we got it

I @vava, if you can explain what was not clear or you’d like to improve the explanation, even agola.io is OSS GitHub - agola-io/agola-site: https://agola.io site !

I think that some stuff that is present in the “Try it” page could also be added to the installation docs.

I was reading that page Standalone | Agola and it uses Agola CLI, but I haven’t yet found how to install it. After reading the “Try it” page I figured it out that I could run it with docker.

I still don’t know tho how install it without docker to use it as a client in my local machine to interact with the remote server. Is that possible? Do I need to compile Agola my self to get it?

Another example: in the installation page it says that a etcd cluster is required, but it doesn’t say that you can use a embed one (I only found it by looking at the “Try it” example command).

Agola project is not releasing an official build nowadays, you can easily build it by yourself or use it via docker of course.