Difference in philosophy with cds?


Did you investigate cds before developing agola and if so why did you decide to build agola instead of using cds (which seems pretty advanced and stable)?

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@patcito We probably used or tried all the possible primarily CI/CD solutions of the last 10 years. I don’t like comparisons (and we don’t have it in the README for this reason) but I prefer to just highlight features. I just can say that we wanted the features highlighted in the README of agola (and the various presentations we gave), the git based workflow etc… and we haven’t found a tool that covered both. And since we love to code we created Agola.

Thanks I appreciate the lack of comparison as they are always biased. I like agola because it is simpler than cds and others but I was just curious if there was another specific reason for not picking cds.

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@patcito Not one specific reason but many. I took them from a presentation we gave last month (
you can find the presentation we gave at the CNCF kubernetes Milan meetup here):

  • Development Speed
    • Git based workflow
    • Advanced workflows (runs) composed of many related tasks, containerized, reproducible, restartable (from start or just from failed tasks)
    • Works with any programming language/environment.
    • A unique tool for Dev Ops
    • Simple/standard/powerful run definition language (yaml, json, jsonnet, starlark)
    • User direct runs
    • Testable runs
  • Deployment Speed
    • Run restart from failed tasks
  • Reliability
    • At most once execution (avoid concurrent deploy issues like done by other tools)
  • Development/Deployment Quality
    • User direct runs
    • Every tasks is run inside a “container”
  • Segregation of duties
    • Organizations, teams, RBAC (coming soon)
  • Security
    • Secrets and variables
    • Run and tasks approval
  • Simplicity
    • High available and scalable by nature
    • Deploy everywhere (bare metal, docker, kubernetes)
    • Cloud Native

Thanks for the details. I run the docker and kubernetes Paris meetup (more than 5000 members), if you want to present let me know.

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