CLI: run logs management

At the moment there are 3 opened issues about logs:

It could be useful also to have both features (“delete” and “get/download”) implemented also in CLI.
Should the new command look like this?

$ agola log [ get | delete ] --runid <id> --taskname <name> [ --step <n> | --setup ] --token <token>

If yes, with “agola run list”, we can get runid and taskname but not the number of steps.
Should it be useful to add it at the and of the task line?

$ agola run list <...>
0000001et7q3m-0000000000001: Phase: finished, Result: success
        TaskName: task01, Status: success, Steps: 5


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This seems good. We should also add a --follow option (and don’t follow by default).

Feel free to improve it adding more info and also step related information (like reporting steps info like exit code).