Agola Memory Usage

Hey guys,

Recently discovered agola and wanted to try it out as a simpler and cleaner CI/CD than what i’ve used in the past. i’m currently pretty restricted in how much RAM i have access to so i was hoping this would help out.

After playing around with it for a few days i noticed that the RAM usage went from about 100mb to about 4Gb, i’ve only got a single user and project setup, which has 18 tasks. if i restart the container it stays at 100ish mb, then with each sequential build the server usage seems to increaase by about a Gb of ram

I was wondering if there’s anything i can do to reduce the ram usage other than restarting it after every so often (ouch), i’d love to use this project and i’m not exactly certain why it’s using so much ram.

A few notes about my environment:

Running on K3S v1.18.3+k3s1 (96653e8d)
Centos 7 as the host machine

An image of the ram usage over time, you can probably tell when each run starts.

Thanks for the help, Asher

To Add to the above, i of course expect that a run would require some amount of memory to run (especially one with 18 tasks), however i’d expect the ram to go down at least a bunch afterwards, not stay at the existing level

@Asherslab What kind of ram usage are you graphing? Is this the usage of the server OS? or resident size, virtual etc… of the agola process?

Consider that the OS will use all the available memory for buffer and cache and free them only when needed.

This is Usage of the agola process. Grabbed from prometheus grabbing from the k8s process.
However it’s also reflected in htop.

The issue is that it’s not freeing it when needed, when i first noticed the issue it was because i could no longer start new processes and could barely login with SSH to fix the issue.